Shawl Collar Black Tuxedo Slim Fit or Modern Fit

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Black Tuxedo With Black Bow Tie

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This beautiful tuxedo is available in “Slim Fit” and “Modern Fit”.  The tuxedo is a 1 button, shawl collar.  The shawl collar was the first tuxedo ever made and is the most traditional style, however, most all our customers feel it is the most ‘modern’, as it is the style that really looks like a tuxedo.  We are well stocked in most sizes and cuts.  You will love this tuxedo as we searched hi and low to bring you the best value suits the market has to offer.

The price is 199 dollars and comes with our best selling white shirt, which is also available in slim and modern cut.  The shirt can be worn with or without cufflinks.

Suit and shirt price is for stock on hand, which is usually well stocked. Special orders and large sizes may be additional cost.  Rush orders may or may not be, slightly higher.