Wedding Tuxedos Booking Time is Now!

Wedding Tuxedos !!  It’s Wedding Booking Time !!

Here at The Gentlemen’s Tux Club, we are wedding tuxedo specialists!!  Things really start to take off this time of year, because so many of our brides and grooms got engaged over the holidays, and now they are starting to plan their spring and summer weddings!    Please don’t wait to long to pick-out your tuxedos or suits for the guys!  For best selection of fine suits and tuxedos for your wedding, it’s much better to book early for best selection and best price.  Renting formalwear is no different than booking a plane ticket or hotel, the sooner you book, the better price you get and more options available to you.

Do you have groomsmen in your wedding that live around the country?  Or from other countries?  If you do, that’s not uncommon. You’re probably wondering how to get these guys measured and how they submit their measurements to the tux shop?? All I can say is “NO PROBLEM” !

It’s very easy, because ALL REPUTABLE TUXEDO SHOPS WORK TOGETHER TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS!  That’s right, your groomsmen can go to any reputable tuxedo shop in their area and request a complimentary fitting and they will measure them up free of charge. I suggest they print out out measurement form and bring it with them when they go to get measured.   It’s always been like that and it’s what makes the whole system work.  We measure for other tuxedo shops all the time and they measure for us.  The only places tuxedo shops do NOT measure for are the “online-only” tuxedo companies, because they can not reciprocate and measure our customers.  When the guys get measured, all they have to do is fax or email them to us and we take it from their and have their suit waiting for them here at the tux shop a few days before the wedding so they can try it on early and make sure it fits properly.  We have over 3000 tuxedos and suits in stock, so most times we do exchanges and alterations on the spot!!  Most other tuxedo companies order their suits in from a warehouse out of town and last minute exchanges can be unreliable, but not us.  Besides our ‘top of the line’ modern suits and tuxedos, combined with our convenient location, our in stock service is one of our biggest and most unique strengths compared to the other tuxedo chains!!

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