Tuxedo Order Form for Groups and Individuals

It’s very important to us your suit fits perfectly,

and it is your responsibility to submit accurate sizes. Tuxedos fit differently than street clothes, therefore, please complete the measurements form requested below and send to us on-line, by selecting the “submit” button. For additional information, check out “Conventions What you Need to Know” page here. We encourage you to call us with any questions regarding size and availability or any questions as we are eager to accommodate you.

1. Using the on-line form below, fill in the sizes and submit

If you are unsure of your sizes, print out this measurement form and visit any tuxedo shop in your area or Men’s Warehouse and request a complimentary fitting. All reputable tuxedo shops work together to offer this free service. And then enter the sizes into this on-line tuxedo order form. If you are ordering a tuxedo the same day you need it or the next day, please give us a heads-up call to let us know about the order! 🙂


Tuxedo Order Form

Customer Sizes

Tuxedo Styles

(Shoes with no suit rental = $29.50)

Black will be used if no color is entered

Black will be used if no color is entered

Customer Information

All orders subject to a $5.00 damage waiver

"orders received within 1 week of date of use + 10%, Size 48 and up & Extra-Longs + 10%"


Same day service is available, but please call us after order is submitted to give us the heads up. We are not responsible for last minute orders submitted on-line unless you call us. Thanks!

I would rather pick up and try on at tux shop so I can make sure it fits perfectly and make any changes. We are within walking distance to all hotels in downtown San Diego.


A credit card is necessary to reserve a tuxedo.

Rental Contract Agreement

1. Cancellations and changes to the order: A. There is a $30 cancelation fee for all orders cancelled within 10 days. Changes to the order after delivery is subject to availability. Within 48 hours from date of use, customer is responsible for full payment, whether customer uses it or not. B. Tuxedos are due back the day after use. Any tux not returned will be charged a $25 per day late fee. If customer elects us to deliver or pick-up the tuxedo, there will be a $25 charge for sending us to the wrong hotel or not leaving the tuxedo for pick-up with concierges the day after use by 12 noon. In other words, please have the tux ready for the driver to pick-up at your hotel by 12 noon, so we do not have to go back twice. If our tuxedo is outstanding for five days from return date, customer shall assume the purchase price of the garments, hence being responsible for payment of $600 as purchase price. C. Items returned damaged and irreparable, making further rental use of items impossible, the customer is responsible for replacement value.
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