Renting for Week or Two

If your thinking about renting a tuxedo or a suit for a week or two, let us know. The rule of thumb for pricing for extended rentals charged by tuxedo shops is;
for 1 week, 1 1/2 rental rate. For example; if the price to rent is $125. for a weekend event, the cost to keep it for a week would be 125. + 62.50 = 187.50
for 2 weeks, 2 times the weekend rental rate. In this example the cost would be 250.

When you think you may need a tuxedo for an extended amount of time, please consider purchase options. We often give great rates for extended rentals, way below going rate if we are not to busy or have extra stock for that time you will need the tux. Just let us know when you need it and we’ll work up a very attractive price for you.