Weddings – What You Need To Know



After 25 years preparing tuxedos and suits for wedding parties, we have seen it all. You can only imagine how many different situations we have accommodated, while dealing with brides and grooms from all over the world. We have thousands of beautiful tuxedos in stock that will make your dream wedding a reality. Whatever you can imagine, it is highly likely we can create that for you, as we are a detail oriented, design centric tuxedo provider, with a keen eye for fashion and good taste.

Here are a few of the things I think a bride and groom should be aware of;

First off, “how it works” seems like an appropriate place to begin.

> A good time for the bride and groom to think about tuxedos or suits for the groom and groomsmen is at about the same time the bride selects the bridesmaids dresses. That’s a great time to contact us.

Contacting us is easy and usually done like this;
>> Visit Us – If you are in the San Diego area we encourage you to stop by the tuxedo shop, an appointment is not necessary, although a heads up call is appreciated if possible.
>> Call us at 619-239-8901.
>> Email us, Please do so at [email protected].
>> Your wedding planner will make contact with us.


When you contact us, we will probably ask you the following questions;

>> When is your wedding? Here at it does not matter if your wedding is next week or next year. Of course, it is always better to start the process earlier rather than later. By setting up the tuxedo program early, you always get the best selection. We know many of our honorable brides and grooms are in the military and on active duty either on a ship or a land far away. We salute you, and will work within your time frames so you, your friends and family, have a hassle free, and wonderful experience with us. San Diego is a spectacular place to get married, and people from around the world travel here to celebrate their wedding. It’s always best to make your arrangements early if possible. But just in case you can’t, we will gladly accommodate you.

>> Where is the wedding and at what time? We like to know where your wedding is, and if it is either a morning, day or evening wedding. Why? Because it helps us to suggest the appropriate style of formalwear for your wedding. Surely you can see why we would not suggest a tan suit for a formal wedding at one of our world class hotels. Or a formal tuxedo for an early day wedding at the beach or in a vineyard. If you share with us where and when, we immediately start to think about what is not only going to look awesome, but be appropriate. There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong attire for the wrong event and we are not going to let that happen to you.

>> How long is the brides dress? or Gown? Many times a bride and groom will visit us and want to look at suits for their wedding. If we are told the wedding gown is long and has a train, we know to suggest they skip the suits and choose a tuxedo instead. Why? Because the brides dress dictates the formality for the grooms attire. If the bride is ‘formal’ then the groom should be also. There are some tuxedos that are formal, but yet lend themselves to a suit ‘look’. The grooms attire does not have to scream ‘formal’, but it should be kicked up a couple of notches to be on the same level as the bride. We have all been in that situation before, when we are going out with someone and they are dressed down and we are dressed up, or visa versa..right? We won’t let that happen to you on your wedding day. It’s our job to point these things out to you, so you can make an informed choice what is best for you.

>> How many tuxedos do you think you may need? When we know how many tuxedos you need, it gives us an idea how long it will take to get measurements and to make sure you get our best pricing. Also, if it’s a larger wedding party, we know their may be fathers or ring bearers or ushers in the plan. If that’s the case, because we are experienced, we automatically start to think what variation of the attire would be appropriate for the different roles. We start to think about what options we can suggest to you that would look fantastic. I like to put the groomsmen in a different look than the groom. I want the groom to compliment the bride and the groomsmen to complement the bridesmaids. I want the brides father to complement the bride, and the mom. Why, because many times the dad is walking the bride down the isle and they will be walking together, so I want dad to be on the same level as the bride and I want when everyone sees the bride and dad, they know something beautiful is about to happen. I want the dad to be dialed in, and looking the part. The more we know about the bridal party, the better we can create and offer our input for a customized look achieving uniformity, but yet subtle differences for the different roles in the wedding.

>> What vision comes to mind when you think about tuxedos? What is the look you want to achieve? It’s all about you! If you have a certain look in mind and that is what you want, we can do it. If you need to explore options and you want to pick our brains for suggestions, that’s fine too. If you have pictures for inspiration, bring them with you and let us put it together for you.

Once you select the attire, we record that information on a wedding registration, with the names of the individuals in the wedding party. You give us a small deposit and a credit card imprint and this acts as a security deposit and reserves the wedding styles. We then set a target date to receive all the measurements from the men. For those participants that will be getting measured in a shop other than ours, is a online measurement form here for their convenience. The men can come to our shop to get sized or they can go to any tuxedo shop in their area and request a complimentary fitting. All reputable tuxedo shops work together to offer this free service for each other. All the men have to do is stop by a tuxedo shop, (not a tailor), and ask for a complimentary fitting and the tuxedo shop will size them for free. We do them here all the time for other tuxedo shops. Tuxedo shops have always worked together to take sizes for each other. When we measure the men in our shop, we request a $20 deposit which gets applied to the total rental cost.


This is the time we receive measurements and reserve the tuxedos in the appropriate sizes. Often times the bride and groom will bring in their groomsmen to get measured, or a family member. Sometimes the mom will stop by to see what the bride and groom selected to make sure they agree with it, and also so they can get a look at what style their husbands will be wearing. Here at the shop we are monitoring the sizes received and seeing who else needs to get measured. We then call the groom and give an update of our activities, and let them know who else needs to send in their measurements.


Tuxedos are usually ready for second fitting and pick-up 2 days before the wedding. So for example, if the wedding is on Saturday or Sunday, the tuxedos will be ready for the groom and groomsmen to try on and pick-up on Thursday. We like to have everything ready a couple of days early, so we can make any adjustments necessary to get the suit or tuxedo fitting perfectly. The majority of adjustments are done on the spot, however, by having everything ready early it gives us a little more wiggle room in case we need it. So, how it works on pick-up day is the men come in and we give them the tux to try on in the fitting room. When they come out we check to make sure everything including the shoes is fitting to our and the customers satisfaction. We put the men in front of the mirror and check it out from head to toe. If adjustments need to be made, we do them. After that, we bag up the tux, the men pay their balance and out the door they go with the tuxedo or suit. The men then return the tuxedo to us the day after use. Exceptions can be made to the return policy, however, we need to know in advance what your plans are so we can accommodate you.
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