Used Tuxedos For Sale

We always have used tuxedos for sale becasue we’re always buying new styles and sell last seasons off at reduced prices, to make room for the new.  The sizes range from boys up to size 70 for men.  We have black tuxedos, white tuxedos, used tux shirts.. the who deal.. pretty much what ever you may need. Prices range depending on condition, size and style. All I can say is they will be in good condition, professionally cleaned and pressed, they will fit well, and you will get a good deal.

Some example prices are;

Coat only from 50 to 150 dollars.

Tux pants 25 to 100 dollars

Tux Shirts 10 to 25 dollars

Bow ties from 6 to 12 dollars

Shoes from 15 dollars and up

We can’t give firm prices here because we do not know what you want or what size you are.  Prices are quoted on an individual basis when you come in, and the prices listed above are for reference only.

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