Western Tuxedos For Rent And For Sale

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Western Tuxedos

Real Western Tuxedos for Rent and Sale by San Miguel  Formals.  Our black western tuxedos are the real deal people.  We offer this beautiful style in two different options, the long version or the shorter version.  As you can see by the photographs we took here at our tuxedo company, these western tuxedos are embellished with satin on the yoke and front of the tuxedo as well as the western influenced pocket design.  Both the long and short versions are elegant and exude true country western fashion.

These are great for Country Weddings or any black tie event where you want to express you want to be yourself and be the best dressed man in the place!! These stunning western tuxedos have an undeniable, fashion oriented western influence.  This is a classic American style and also very popular in Latin American countries like Mexico. The American Cowboy and the Mexican Vaquero is alive and well and here to stay!

Western Tuxedos for Sale and For Rent