Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Happy Chinese New Year from the TuxClub team.

We all know last year was rough on everyone. This year is looking much better, and there is a renewed optimism in the air.  The weddings and special events that were scheduled for last year, are now being rescheduled for this year.  People are going out more and they feel safer. Lockdown and quarantine has made us feel lonely and withdrawn, and we’ve since realized how much we’ve missed each other, and how much we need each other.  Material possessions that were once so important to us, now seem nonessential. Our health, and even more so, the health of our loved ones, has taken precedence.   For those of us who were in great pain, perhaps we established or strengthened our relationship with our spiritual guide, our higher power or God. These are all valuable life lessons, but they have come at a very steep cost.  I can’t control that, but I can control the cost of my fine tuxedos here at TUXCLUB.COM and I tell you now, I will give you my best price on any of our awesome tuxedos or suits for your upcoming wedding or special event!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there’s no denying we took a beatdown, but now it’s time to apply what we’ve learned, and let the good times roll!

Please consider our services for top of the line tuxedos and suits for your wedding or special night out on the town.  We’ll make sure you get the right tux for you and we’ll give you a good deal on top of it!  So get a hold of us or come on in and we’ll show you just what we can do for you.  It doesn’t cost anything to look around, ask us some questions, and see what we have to offer.   Stay safe and happy new year!