Groomsmen Measurements

Here at The Gentlemen’s Tux Club, we provide tuxedo service for so many weddings here in beautiful San Diego.  Most times, there are family members or groomsmen living in other areas of the country, who are in the wedding party.  So the bride and groom hire us to manage the tuxedo program and outfit the guys and the groom will say to us, “I have a friend who lives in New York who is in the wedding party, how do we get him measured?” Or we’ll hear something like, “my father lives in New Mexico, how can we get him measured?”  And the solution is very simple because, “all tuxedo shops and Men’s Warehouse locations work together to take measurements for each other free of charge”.   We measure for their customers and they measure for ours!  It’s that simple and it’s always been like that.  (please note, nobody measures for the online only tuxedo places, because they can not reciprocate.  If you choose to work with one of those places, your pretty much on your own) We work with other tuxedo shops that have physical stores.  We measure for them, they measure for us.  That’s what makes the whole industry work.

If you have someone in your wedding party from another area, I suggest you send them our measurement form page here .  From this page, they can print out our measurement form and take it with them wherever they go to get measured and the tux shop will fill it out.  Or they can just fill in their sizes in our “on-line” form and hit send.  It’s that easy!

Black Tuxedo Notch Lapel Slim Fit