Tips on When to Reserve Tuxedos or Suits for Your Wedding

Tips on When to Reserve Tuxedos or Suits for Your Wedding

When is the best time to select the suits or tuxedos for my wedding ?

How early in advance should I get measured before the wedding?

Customers frequently ask us here at TuxClub “how soon should we reserve our wedding tuxedos” and “when is the best time to get measured”, and there is not one answer to those questions because it all depends on a few different variables like;

Are you getting married in the summer or fall when it’s the busy wedding season? If so, the sooner the better! Because you want to get the best selection and the best price and you can do that if you book early. offers discount for wedding parties that are registered early with us. Another benefit of registering early, is it allows more time for your wedding party members to get measured. Your groomsmen can go into any tuxedo shop in their area and get measured for free as all reputable tuxedo shops and Men’s Warehouse work together to offer this free service.

If your wedding is in the off season, then booking within a month or two in most cases is sufficient time to plan the men’s attire properly. What I mean by that is, going into the tuxedo shop and looking at the new styles of suits and tuxedos, maybe trying on a few different models to see how they fit on your body shape, and also to look at the colors and see how they look against your complexion. Also, to see if the styles and colors work with your wedding gown, bridesmaid’s dresses, venue décor, whether it be indoors or outdoors and morning, afternoon or evening wedding. These are some of the variables that we look and discuss when you come into TuxClub.

When is the best time to get measured for my wedding suit? Most men want to be at their best attainable weight on their wedding day, so if your planning of dieting or exercising up until wedding day, it’s usually best to get measured 1 month before. If your weight is pretty consistent, then 2 to 4 months is a good time to get measured at the tuxedo shop. This allows plenty of time to reserve the tuxedo/suit and plan for second fitting and pick-up.

What if my wedding is happening sooner! No worries, we have thousands of tuxedos in stock and can accommodate you. Just come in as soon as possible and let’s get it going!

Good luck and hope to see you soon at the tuxedo shop!

Tips on When to Reserve Tuxedos or Suits for Your Wedding