Tuxedos and Suits for LGBTQ Weddings

Tuxedos and Suits for LGBTQ Weddings in San Diego

The Gentlemen’s Tux Club offers the finest, and best fitting tuxedos and suits for LGBTQ weddings in San Diego, CA. We understand that trying to find proper fitting formal wear for weddings can be almost impossible for certain body types. Luckily, we have the largest variety of wedding tuxedos and suits that are made to fit any body type regardless of gender identity. At the Gentlemen’s Tux Club, we are experienced in this unique situation and we go out of our way to ensure proper tailoring which is key to achieving a polished, slim-fit and comfortable look. Here are a few styles to consider that will have you looking stunning for your special day.

Sand Wedding Suit and New Blue Wedding Suit

While some couples choose to wear matching tuxedos, demonstrating unity and equality in their partnership. Others may coordinate their tuxedo colors, accessories, or details while maintaining their own unique styles. Pictured here are some of our most popular wedding suit styles for the LGBTQ community: Sand Wedding Suit and New Blue Wedding Suit which which are both excellent choices.

Classic Black Wedding Tuxedo

The classic black tuxedo with a bowtie or necktie is timeless and sophisticated that you can’t go wrong with. Both partners can opt for similar tuxedo styles or mix it up to reflect their individual personalities. Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to wedding attire. The most important thing is to choose outfits that make you and your partner feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful as you celebrate your love and commitment. These are just a few ideas for inspiration.

LGBTQ Wedding Tuxedos for rent


We partner with and provide our services for all of the Hotels in Downtown, San Diego.  Photos provided by our friends at the Margaritaville Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. We have over 35 years of experience in the tuxedo industry and we are proud to serve the LGBTQ community for all of your wedding tuxedo, formal attire needs.

Tuxedos and Suits for LGBTQ Weddings