Wedding Tuxedos Rentals in a Covid-19 World

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for many of our weddings being postponed, we are happy to report that MANY successful weddings have happened, and we have been quite busy.

Yes, having a wedding in these times may require more flexibility and patience, but for many of our brides and grooms, it’s worth it!

We are here for you in a clean and safe environment, and you will not loose any deposits for your wedding if it is cancelled or re-scheduled.  Yes, that’s right.  No cancellation or rescheduling penalties, so BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE!

Please come and see our beautiful wedding tuxedos and wedding suits, even to just get some ideas or measurements.

We will be happy to show you the popular styles in the market today and it doesn’t cost anything to look!

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Yes, even in a Covid world, we have booked so many holiday weddings happening throughout the remainder of the year!

Having a holiday season wedding is awesome, because there is already optimism and excitement in the air, and people are in good spirts.

If your planning a holiday season wedding, I invite you to visit us or give us a call, so we can get you and your groomsmen all set up,  give you a special price and the top shelf suits and customer service we are know for.

Western Tuxedos For Rent And For Sale

Western Tuxedos

Real Western Tuxedos for Rent and Sale by San Miguel  Formals.  Our black western tuxedos are the real deal people.  We offer this beautiful style in two different options, the long version or the shorter version.  As you can see by the photographs we took here at our tuxedo company, these western tuxedos are embellished with satin on the yoke and front of the tuxedo as well as the western influenced pocket design.  Both the long and short versions are elegant and exude true country western fashion.

These are great for Country Weddings or any black tie event where you want to express you want to be yourself and be the best dressed man in the place!! These stunning western tuxedos have an undeniable, fashion oriented western influence.  This is a classic American style and also very popular in Latin American countries like Mexico. The American Cowboy and the Mexican Vaquero is alive and well and here to stay!

Western Tuxedos for Sale and For Rent

Updated Store Hours as of 06/16/2020

The Gentlemen’s Tux Club is Now Open

Temporary store hours:

  • Monday: by Appoitment
  • Tuesday: by Appointment
  • Wednesday: 12 – 6
  • Thursday: 12 – 6
  • Friday: 12 – 6
  • Saturday: 11 – 3
  • Sunday: 11 – 3

or any day by appointment Call 1 (619) 239-8901

We would like to get a 24 hour notice on the appointment, but if that’s not possible and you need something today, call us.

These hours may change.

TuxClub Now Open

How do I get Measured for a Tuxedo?





It seems like we get asked all the time, “how do my groomsmen get measured for a tuxedo or suit rental if they live somewhere else and the wedding is here in San Diego ??  Or we will get asked,  “ I’ll be in San Diego for a convention and need a tuxedo or suit, and how do I get measured and order a tux ? ”

SOLUTION:  All reputable tuxedo shops work together to take measurements for tuxedo rentals, unless it’s one of those “online only” tuxedo rental places.  I don’t know of any tuxedo shops that will measure for these places because they can not reciprocate and measure our customers.  That means you can go into any “brick and mortar” tuxedo shop or Men’s Warehouse in your area and ask for complimentary measurements, and they will take them for you, free of charge.  To make it easier for everyone and to make sure you get the right measurements, I suggest you use our measurement form here.  Keep in mind tuxedo shops use different measurements than those used by a “tailor”.  Tailor shops do not participate in the complimentary measurements program as tuxedo shops do.

For WEDDINGS, Once you get the measurements, you can send them to us 3 different ways;

*Enter them into our on-line form here

*Email them to [email protected]

*Fax them to 619-239-8903

For CONVENTIONS, please submit your measurements and make your tuxedo or suit selection right here!

So it’s very easy to get sized for a wedding or convention, no matter where you live!  The tuxedo industry has always used this system and it’s what makes the whole tuxedo program work!!



How do I get Measured for a Tuxedo?

Wedding Tuxedo and Suit Booking Season

Wedding tuxedos and suit booking season is in full swing and we’re swamped with brides and grooms selecting tuxedos and suits for their weddings.

Please see us soon for the best pricing of the year on any of our top of the line tuxedos and suits.

Groomsmen can be anywhere in the country and be measured for free.

We also have a varety of wedding and tuxedos suits for sale on our ecommerce  website


Wedding Tuxedos and Suit Booking Season

New Year Eve Tuxedo Rentals

New Year’s eve tuxedos available at and

WOW  !!  It looks like San Diego is the place to be for awesome New Years Eve celebrations this year !!  There are so many parties going on and we have men coming in to reserve our “top of the line” tuxedos to ring in the new year!  We have so much to be grateful for because it has been a wonderful year and we are so lucky.  Please visit us for end of the year specials for purchase and $ 40 off our designer tuxedo rentals.


New Years Eve Tuxedos

Winter Tuxedo Rental Promotion


$40 OFF Tuxedo and Suit Rental Booked by December 31st

Book Now, and Get the Discount – Wear Anytime!




Winter, Christmas Tuxedo Promotion

Halloween Party Tuxedos

Going to a fancy Halloween party this year?

You planning on going to a Halloween Party, but you don’t know what to wear??  Please consider wearing one of our awesome tuxedos with a simple mask.  It get’s the job done and you still look classy.   Some people like dressing up like clowns, others don’t.  We have multiple options for these types of events that convey the party them, but yet still look classy and modern.

  • Halloween Parties Tuxedos
  • Masquerade Parties
  • Great Gatsby Parties
  • 007 James Bond Tuxedos
  • And many more


san diego suit rentals services

Homecoming Tuxedos and Suits Promotion

We have so many students come to us for their prom and homecoming tuxedos. We have the most edgy styles and we back it up with generous student discount.

Get $40 Off a Tuxedo Rental

If you want to buy a tuxedo or a suit, we have slim fit, black, burgundy, blue, white tuxedos and suits and more.

Starting at $175. And these are really nice tuxedos. 

White Tuxedo Shaw Collar With Brocade