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Starting Out

If you are AN INDIVIDUAL OR PART OF A GROUP, and you want to order a tuxedo or a suit, please use this order form TUXEDO ORDER FORM

When TuxClub.com first opened 30 years ago, we were a tuxedo company located directly across the street from the San Diego Convention Center, who’s core business model was designed specifically to accommodate conventions, groups and businessmen. We were and still are specialists in successfully managing tuxedo programs for large and small groups. We knew early on, conventions and groups had unique needs that had to be met in order for the program to be successful. Most tuxedo companies just aren’t designed to meet those needs, and it was for that reason, we were born.

What to look for when selecting a tuxedo company to serve your group.


Where does the tuxedo company keep it’s inventory?

This is very important because many conventioneers forget their tuxedos at home or choose not to travel with a tuxedo in their luggage, and they need service when they get into town. Some of these men don’t realize they need a tuxedo until the last minute, so they are going to need fast, accurate service at a good price. Here at TuxClub, we have 3000 tuxedos in stock within walking distance from the SD Convention Center, and all the hotels in downtown San Diego. I can’t tell you how many times we’ll get a call from a guest who all of a sudden realizes they need a tuxedo within a couple of hours. This is a real life, repeating, scenario. Be ready for it and build a safety net with your tuxedo supplier.


Will your tuxedo provider deliver and pick-up the tuxedos to any hotel in the city?

Many conventions we work with are ‘city wide’, meaning the conventioneers are staying at multiple hotels throughout the city. We coordinate with the guests and identify what hotel they are staying at, and when their check in date is, and we deliver the tux early so they have plenty of time to try the tux on and verify a comfortable fit. In most cases, the tuxedo is already at the hotel bellstand when the guest arrives for check-in. The next day after the event, the guest simply drops off the tuxedo to the bellstand in the lobby and our driver will pick it up. This is especially convenient for guests who will be flying out early the next day. We make it so easy!


How fast can the tuxedo company deliver exchanges to the hotels?

What often happens is a guest will not try on the tux early, (even though we remind them to), and then 1 hour before the event, they realize they ordered the wrong size shoes, or the shirt neck will be a little tight, or the coat may fit a little big or small and they want to change it. Now don’t forget this is one hour before the event, sometimes even less than one hour. What do they do?? We’ll if they are a VIP, they usually call the person who coordinated the event, the Destination Management Company, or the person within their own company who coordinated all the arrangements, and they say, “my tux does not fit”. We have seen this play out exactly like that more often than you think. What do you do? You call us, and we are there within minutes with a new tux or anything else he may need. Just like that. We are standing by and waiting for a call, so we can spring into action and resolve this situation before it becomes a situation.


– What tuxedo styles do you offer the conventioneers?

Here at TUXCLUB.COM we offer classic tuxedo styles, updated classic styles and modern tuxedo styles. All our beautiful tuxedos are made of luxurious fabric that is soft to the touch and light on the body. It’s unlikely you will get hot in one of our fine tuxedos.


– Does your tuxedo company have locations across the country so the men can get measured if they are not sure of their sizes?



– Does the tuxedo company have on-line ordering system so the men can submit tuxedo reservations easily?



– Can the tuxedo company easily work with metric sizes submitted by guests from any country in the world?



– Does the tuxedo company have a relationship with the headquarters hotel? Are they familiar with the property and does the hotel know the tuxedo company?