If you work for one of the fine hotels in town and need tuxedos for a special event or for your staff, please let us know. We’ll be glad to coordinate that for you.  We will help you select the most appropriate attire for your event.  Once we have that figured out, we will professionally measure your staff on-site.  We will return to our tuxedo company to prepare them as instructed, and then we will deliver them to your hotel early so your staff can try them on and verify a good fit.  Anyone who may want an exchange can let us know and we will promptly deliver it to the hotel.  After your staff wears the tuxedos, we will return to the hotel and pick-up the tuxedos from you.  We’ll make it easy for you and we’ll do a thorough job.  We are very good at this work, as we are conscientious of all the details and especially punctual. Please let us know what you envision for your tuxedo program, and we will make it a hassle free reality!


tuxedos for hotels