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We frequently get asked “do I need an appointment?” No. You do not need an appointment for fittings, pick-up or if you just want look around to get some ideas.

Is it convenient for us if people set up a time, or ask us “if it’s a good time”, before they come over if they think they could be here for a while? Sure it’s convenient for us! It’s always nice to know when people are coming in so we can make sure we have enough available staff, so you don’t have to wait if we get backed up. We like to get a heads up if possible, but it’s not necessary. We’re just glad you’re coming over 🙂
If you would like to give us the heads up, please use the form below or give us a quick call. Thanks!

Rush appointments within 24 hrs require a phone Call (619) 239-8901

Appointment Form

  • Appointment Hours
    Appointment Require 24 Hour Advanced Notice
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday: closed
    Wednesday: 12 – 5:30
    Thursday: 12 – 5:30
    Friday: 12 – 5:30
    Saturday: 11 – 2:30
    Sunday: 11 – 2:30