Same Day Tuxedo and Suit Rental

Here at,  we offer same day tuxedo and suit rental service. Furthermore, we’re very efficient for all your last minute rush service for tuxedo and suit rentals because we have over 3,000 tuxedos and suits in stock for your urgent needs. For over 30 years, we have been providing this same day service for people who get caught off guard and need our expertise.

Some of the situations we see quite frequently include; grooms who order a tuxedo from another tuxedo company that are dissatisfied with the quality of their wedding tuxedo or unable to get a good fit, because that tuxedo company keeps their stock in another city or state.  Also, some people order tuxedos from companies online that never get delivered, and when they do, they often times don’t fit. So these are some of the gentlemen that show up at our front door and we save the day for them.  Also, many people visiting San Diego have their luggage delayed or even lost and they need a suit at the last minute.  Or just anyone like you and I that get’s invited to a party at the last minute and find out it’s tuxedo attire or business dressy attire.

Fortunately, we offer same day tuxedo and suit rental services. We’ve seen it all and we always come through, because we have the stock and a competent  staff who can measure you quickly and put together a very hi quality, hi fashion suit or tuxedo very quickly, usually within 20 to 30 minutes, from head to toe.  Our friendly staff is eager to help you and make it happen!   Rest assured you will leave our shop looking like a million bucks!

We offer Same Day Tuxedo and Suit Rental Service!

In order for us to better serve your urgent needs, please give us a “heads up” call if possible.  If not, then just stop in.

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