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Fall Wedding Tuxedos Fall Wedding Tuxedos - Fall Wedding Tuxedos Fall wedding tuxedos – Fall is one of our busiest wedding seasons of the year. We have just restocked our inventory with a variety of  Tuxedos. These tuxedos and suits are made from quality materials and fit all body types. We welcome you to come and try them on for a fit. […]
Married at First Sight Watch Our Tuxes in Action on Lifetime TV – Married at First Sight Season Premier - See Our Amazing Tuxedos on the Season Premier of Married at First Sight on Lifetime TV We are proud to have our tuxedos featured on the very popular national television show Married at First Sight. You can check out our tuxedos in action and watch the season premiere here. The Gentlemen’s Tux Club dressed the […]
Miguel - Married at First Sight See Our Awesome Tuxedos IN ACTION on National TV – Married at First Sight - Tux Club Tuxedos Featured on “Married at First Sight” television series!! Check out our awesome tuxedos featured on the new season of  “Married at First Sight” television show!! The Gentlemen’s Tux Club was fortunate enough to be selected by the producers of the television program because we’re one of the most popular tuxedo companies in […]
Best Tuxedo Rentals in San Diego Best Tuxedo Rentals and Sales in San Diego for Prom - We have the best tuxedo Rentals and Sales in San Diego! Find a great selection of ‘high-fashion” tuxedo styles for rent and sale for prom and weddings here in San Diego at the Gentlemen’s Tux Club.  If you read our customer reviews, it’s easy to see we really care about our customers and we try […]
Specialty Tuxedos and Suits Specialty Tuxedos and Suits Available Here - Tuxclub.com has an extensive reach of Specialty Tuxedos and Suits and has been the largest tuxedo shop in San Diego for over 30 years, and, when combined with our network of sites gives us access to unique tuxedos from all over the world. If the style you are looking for is not shown on either […]
Prom Tuxedos for Rent and Sale Prom Tuxedos and Suits - Prom Tuxedos and Suits To Match Prom Dresses The Gentlemen’s Tux Club has prom tuxedos and suits to match prom dresses. We have a huge variety of tuxedos in stock that go great with just about any evening gown. You have the option to rent or buy a tuxedo. Get the best prices on prom […]