Happy Holidays From The Gentlemen’s Tux Club

It’s been a wonderful year. Thank you for your continued support for the last 30 years!

2023 is going to be HUGE with new styles, new colors, and new beginnings!


Please make note of our holiday hours:

Wednesday 12/21 – Closed Through Monday 12/26

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How do I get my groomsmen measured if they live in different areas of the Country?

Did you know, all reputable tuxedo shops and Men’s Warehouse measure for each other? So if you have groomsmen in another area of the country, they can get measured at home free of charge and email the measurements to us at [email protected], and we’ll have your tuxedo ready when you get in town! Print the measurement form or plug them into our online measurement form here.

Tuxedo Rentals in Yuma, Calexico, Mexicali, El Centro

Tuxedo Rentals in Yuma, Calexico, Mexicali, El Centro

Tuxedo Rentals in Yuma, Calexico, Mexicali, El Centro – Although the Gentlemen’s Tux Club is located in San Diego, our reputation for providing quality tuxedos, suits and top-notch service has made our customer reach beyond San Diego. Many customers see us because they had a hard time finding modern and quality tuxedos for their wedding or special event. We welcome you to come visit us for a fitting and view our wide selection of modern and classic tuxedos.  It doesn’t cost anything to look around and see what we can offer you! Take a break from the desert heat and come try on some tuxedos and enjoy the California sunshine while your at it. We are located in Downtown San Diego where there are many other things to enjoy as well.

Here is what our customers are saying.


“Great experience and different styles of tuxedo no other tuxedo company had. More hi end than the chains. Highly recommend!!”


We service customers from Arizona, Imperial Valley and surrounding regions.

  • Yuma
  • Calexico
  • Mexicali
  • El Centro
  • Phoenix


New Unique Ivory Tuxedo Styles for the New Season

New & Unique Ivory Tuxedo Styles Available

Here at TuxClub.com we offer the most popular and unique ivory tuxedo styles for weddings.

One of the latest styles that just came in is this lovely Double Breasted Ivory Shawl Collar. It has a very distinctive waffle knit pattern that complements many bridal gowns.  The tuxedo itself, is an updated, classic look that will always be in the height of fashion.  Pictured here is the ivory double breasted tuxedo with the black slim fit pants and black dumbo ears bowtie. This is just one of several Off-White Tuxedos we would love to show you!

Unique Ivory Tuxedo Styles

You can shop for more of these one-of-a-kind styles on our e-commerce website, tuxbling.com, or just come in and see them in person.

We also carry all of the classic modern, slim-fit tuxedos and suits if that’s what you’re looking for. Here are some of our most popular styles.

Fall Wedding Tuxedos

Fall Wedding Tuxedos

Fall wedding tuxedos – Fall is one of our busiest wedding seasons of the year. We have just restocked our inventory with a variety of  Tuxedos. These tuxedos and suits are made from quality materials and fit all body types. We welcome you to come and try them on for a fit.

Book your tuxedos today before they all get reserved!

Here are a few Fall Tuxedo and Suit Styles to select from:


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Watch Our Tuxes in Action on Lifetime TV – Married at First Sight Season Premier

See Our Amazing Tuxedos on the Season Premier of Married at First Sight on Lifetime TV

We are proud to have our tuxedos featured on the very popular national television show Married at First Sight. You can check out our tuxedos in action and watch the season premiere here. The Gentlemen’s Tux Club dressed the grooms with stunning tuxedos that matched our grooms confidence and unique styles. See for yourself how awesome our tuxedos look on this world class stage!

Everybody worked hard to pull this off and our staff will provide the same level of commitment and dedication for your wedding. You will leave here feeling and looking like a celebrity!


Miguel - Married at First Sight


Nate - Married at First Sight


Mitch - Married at First Sight


Justin Married at First Sight



See Our Awesome Tuxedos IN ACTION on National TV – Married at First Sight

Tux Club Tuxedos Featured on “Married at First Sight” television series!!

Check out our awesome tuxedos featured on the new season of  “Married at First Sight” television show!!

The Gentlemen’s Tux Club was fortunate enough to be selected by the producers of the television program because we’re one of the most popular tuxedo companies in Southern California, and we have a well deserved reputation for the latest styles and modern tuxedos found anywhere!

Also, we have been fitting customers for over 30 years so we’re very good at fitting all body types!  We had so much fun working on this project and can’t wait for the show to air soon.  We suggested the grooms attire based on their individual styles and personalities.  These unique styles can be found here at TuxClub.com.  We are very grateful for this opportunity to show the world what we do 7 days a week, and the lovely and interesting people we meet along our journey.

Please see the link here to read the full article on People Magazine!


Justin Married at First Sight


Mitch - Married at First Sight



Nate - Married at First Sight






Best Tuxedo Rentals and Sales in San Diego for Prom

We have the best tuxedo Rentals and Sales in San Diego!

Find a great selection of ‘high-fashion” tuxedo styles for rent and sale for prom and weddings here in San Diego at the Gentlemen’s Tux Club.  If you read our customer reviews, it’s easy to see we really care about our customers and we try every day to give you personable, specialized service.  When you combine that drive with the most awesome tuxedos on the planet, that is who we are!

Find tuxedos and suits here for rent or sale here for weddings, proms and all special events!  Not the “run of the mill tuxedos” either, I’m talking “top of the line”, super soft, tailored fit with updated silhouettes.  And if your wondering if we can fit big and tall men in the slim styles, the answer is YES!  You got to know what your doing, but we do it all the time.  I cringe when I see one of the big men in baggy pants!  That wont happen here!

We’re open 7 days, so please stop by and take a look at what we have to offer!  It doesn’t coat anything to take a look, so why not!



Specialty Tuxedos and Suits Available Here

Tuxclub.com has an extensive reach of Specialty Tuxedos and Suits

and has been the largest tuxedo shop in San Diego for over 30 years, and, when combined with our network of sites gives us access to unique tuxedos from all over the world. If the style you are looking for is not shown on either TuxClub.com or TuxBling.com, we may still be able to find it for you. We design and make a lot of our tuxedos and we love unique, stunning tuxedos, because they allow our customers to freely express themselves.  We’re not like some of the retail chains, that try to push something on you that you really don’t like or doesn’t fit your needs.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and if you have a photo for inspiration, please attach it here so we can see what your thoughts are.

Prom Tuxedos and Suits

Prom Tuxedos and Suits To Match Prom Dresses

The Gentlemen’s Tux Club has prom tuxedos and suits to match prom dresses. We have a huge variety of tuxedos in stock that go great with just about any evening gown. You have the option to rent or buy a tuxedo. Get the best prices on prom tuxedos and suits. This is a once in a lifetime event and you want to make sure you look your best!

Check out one of our most popular styles for prom. Beautiful 1 button peak lapel tux with super soft tropical wool. Shown with white laydown collar tuxedo shirt, 3″ black satin bow tie, black and silver studs and cufflinks and white pocket square. This is a slim cut tuxedo, that can be worn by all body types.

We have wonderful customer service and have been in the business for over 30 years. See what our customers are saying about us on Yelp